I get so many questions regarding skincare on a daily basis but I also need to bring up skin maintenance in regards to other things I do to take care of my face.

I give myself at home facials with masks weekly and sometimes bi weekly. BUT I also visit my esthetician monthly. Every month I go for a basic facial and about every 3 months I get an intensive Hydra Facial. I can’t say enough how much I love the Hydra Facial or often referred to as Hydradermabrasion. I like to think of it as a skin reset in a lighter form. Now I also have done some laser treatment and other things but this post is about my Hydra Love.

Going through the steps of the facial my esthetician uses the 30% AHA and 1.5% BHA for my peel process. The acids sit on my skin while she goes on to the extraction process. Once that is finished she neutralizes the acids.


After the boosts of brightening treatment the antioxidant, peptides, and hyaluronic acids  are applied.  To finish the process I get 5 or so minutes of red light therapy.

Depending where you live the cost ranges from $250.00 and up.