I had a wonderful time exploring products from naturallogic and also meeting a beautiful heart along the way.  I recently had an opportunity to chat with Toni, the creator and founder of the brand to learn more about her and how naturallogic came to be.

1. How did naturallogic come into fruition?
 I started making handmade soap when I changed my diet in 2003. I was eating a lot healthier and started heavily scrutinizing the ingredients in everything I was using, eating, wearing, cleaning with… and I was cutting out a lot of animal ingredients. Looking at back labels made me aware of all the synthetic chemicals that were in literally everything. 

I’m a researcher at heart, and quite experimental and scientific. After looking up some of the chemicals and finding out what they were causing, I branched out from soap into lots of other products. Mainly for my own use. I did give them as gifts to friends and family. Eventually they started asking for them and said they think you’ve got something here. I opened an Etsy shop in 2007, listed my soaps, then studied nutrition, Herbalism, learned about ingredients and how to formulate over the next 3 years. I officially launched the company in 2010.

2. What are your favorite ingredients and why? 

 I love oils. They’re so nourishing and full of nutrients, and sealing in hydration and moisture can go a long way in keeping skin healthy, happy and timeless. For essential oil efficacy and lovely aromatherapy combined I love Jasmine Sambac. It’s just divine both for skin and senses. Overall, I’m big on antioxidant and anti inflammatory performance, for all skin types, and rosehips are amazing for both. And I’m loving working with probiotics lately so keep an eye out for more products that include them.

3. What does your skincare routine look like?

My ritual is minimal most days. I use a cleansing oil or balm, a hydrating mist and an oil serum. Lately I’m religious about the RAREFY Serum. Two days a week I’ll mask with something hydrating + nourishing like my new LUNA Masque. That’s it. I bring my serum up to my eye area for extra moisture there. And I take my time, give myself a nice facial massage… it’s lovely.

4. What is your # 1 Beauty tip?

 My number 1 beauty tip is to feel the feeling of being beautiful. Really feel it in your body as you do your ritual. How we feel about ourselves has an enormous effect on what shines from within. And has an effect on the health, appearance and timelessness of our skin, as well. Use products you adore, for reasons that mean something special to you, and focus on really feeling amazing, beautiful, love… you can change it up. You are Beauty ✨

5. Out of your selection of products, which are you most proud of and why? 

My newest creations tend to be my favorite. Because they’ve come from the most realized version of me so far. Right now it’s LUNA and RAREFY. I do have a special place in my heart for the BALANCE line. It’s done such wonders for my customer family with acne prone skin. Also the SUPER FRUIT Serum, ANCIENT EARTH Micro Exfoliate, and BIOACTIVE Firming Eye Cream. I love what I do, and when I get love notes about dramatic skin changes, its so heart filling.

Thank you Toni for your time and being such an inspiration.