How does one take a flattering picture of their hair wrapped? Awkward hand placement and filter for the win!

Here’s the skinny… today I’m testing out the @aquishair Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel*. As most of you know I loathe hair washing days because the process after takes forever. For reference my hair is down to my tush, thick, with lots of natural curl. The drying process takes a long time and in the summer I don’t care to deal with it. The Aquis towel is perfect for me. Things it claims to do…

• Will dry hair 5x faster then cotton towels

• Less friction to minimize frizz and damage.

Lately I’ve been washing at night and after applying products, put my hair in a low loose bun or braid. I wake up to dry manageable curls and I can use a barrel iron to fix a few spots in no time. With the Aquis towel it took a good hour but my hair was dry as it claimed to do. My only concern is when to apply products to my hair. Anyone that uses this towel or turban hopefully you can help me out. I don’t want to ruin it with my hair oils and such but I also like to put my products in damp hair. This will definitely be used in my routine and I’m glad there’s a product that helps me cut out the hair dryer and all the damage that comes with heat styling.