Dallas, living life in California… little facts about me…
1. I’m a cancer to my core. I love deep, I’m a smart ass, and could become a professional hermit.
2. I have a very eclectic taste in music. I always enjoy when people share what they’re listening to.
3. I prefer books to tv and movies. I was raised on Lifetime movies so everyone is suspect.
4. Super health nut with a equal passion for bakeries. I could eat a loaded salad and macarons daily. I love lemon, lemon all the things.
5. I’m a creature of habit. I love schedules, agendas, and tasks. Almost obsessive about time and goals.
6. I was a teenager in the 90’s. I have the sparse eyebrows and 7 piercing scars to show for it.
7. If Eddie Vedder asked me to run away with him, I’d consider.
8. I’m a scent sensory type of person and I have to smell everything even if I know it’s going to be bad.
9. Scent obsession in my home. I like my whole house smelling cohesive by room.
10. I might possibly have hoarding tendencies. I picked this attribute up from my grandparents who constantly talked about the depression and took all the sugar packets from restaurant tables. I like to have backups.
11. I have 3 boxers, a King Charles spaniel, and 2 cats. (I’m allergic to cats)They are my babies and spoiled rotten.
12. I’m a Type A personality. I’m very competitive, I’ll bump the Jenga table when you’re not looking.
13. Lipstick and perfume make me feel put together and feminine.
14. My mom went on a few dates with Mick Jagger. This totally gives me street cred.
15. I’m half Basque half German and my parents are polar opposites in personality. I am their perfect mix of crazy.
16. I was named after the soap opera Dallas. I think this is where my heavy hand with blush comes from.
17. I have an odd fascination with gut health. I can watch hours of you tube videos discussing parasites.
18. Conspiracy theories are my jam. I often think of my plan when shit hits the fan. What’s on my scavenger list and are my survivalist skills good enough.